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Mix it Up: Custom Tea Blends

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I am an intrepid tea drinker. I love many kinds of black tea, and enjoy experimenting with new blends. Sometimes I make my own blends: I love chai, and enjoy mixing my own chai spices to add to a good black tea, such as Assam. Assam is the tea often used to make Indian chai. I also love the Bombay Chai blend from a company called Murchie’s, in Canada – you can order online. I was in Victoria, BC a few months back and picked up a few of Murchie’s yummy teas.

But I am more sensitive to caffeine than I used to be. I’ve discovered a “blend” I like to make in the mornings with less caffeine, but still full of flavor. I mix a small scoop of black tea (about half the amount I’d normally use), and I add about a teaspoon of extra chai spice (without the tea): Murchie’s Turmeric Elixir blend. These go in the basket of my two-cup teapot. Then I add a teabag of Maca Chocolate Teeccino. This makes a rich dark “roasty” morning beverage with just the touch of caffeine lift I’m looking for, full of flavor, but less buzz.

Teeccino, if you’re not familiar with it, is a warming, roasted caffeine-free beverage. Made in Santa Barbara, it comes in teabags, or is available ground, like coffee, and can be used in a coffee press. I love a cup of it in the afternoon all by itself – when I definitely don’t want caffeine. Either straight or blended, I top it off with a creamy froth of nut milk. Sarah and I are especially partial to the brand Nutpods, in original and vanilla flavors. They’re unsweetened, taste creamy, and foam well.

Spiced Teeccino Chai

1 ½ tsp. black tea, such as Murchie’s Bombay Chai

1 tsp. tea spice (non-caffeine), such as Murchie’s Turmeric Elixir

1 teabag Teeccino Maca Chocolate

Place all ingredients in basket of a 2-cup teapot. Pour hot water over and let steep for up to 5 minutes. Remove basket and pour. Enjoy black, or with foamed milk or nut milk, and honey if desired.

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