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Sarah Migliaccio and Janice Cook Knight



We are a mother-daughter team who eat (mostly) gluten free, low carb, lots of vegetables, fruits and clean protein. We have strong opinions about food and health, and high standards when it comes to both products and the way food is produced. We are not the food police, so now and then we eat more widely.


Our goal is to let you know about the great products we’ve found, and the Tried and True recipes we’ve discovered. If we try it and we don’t like it, we’ll let you know! But the main thing is to tell you about the things we’ve found that are truly wonderful. We want to let you know about the products that deliver taste, health, and, in the case of pre-made mixes, (for cakes or breads), ease of use. 


We are opinionated. It’s part of our charm.


Sarah Migliaccio

Sarah is an interior designer living in Austin, Texas, one of the food capitols of North America. She loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, loves to read food blogs and cookbooks, loves to write and likes things just so – beautiful as well as tasty. She’s a transplanted Californian.


Janice Cook Knight

Janice is an award-winning writer and cooking teacher based in Santa Barbara, California. She tested recipes for Bon Appetit Magazine, and developed a popular lecture on Julia Child for the Road Scholar Program.  As a writer, her articles have been featured in Montecito Magazine, LA Yoga Magazine, and the Santa Barbara Independent, among others.  She currently writes for Edible Santa Barbara

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