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Coconut Wraps

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I’m always looking for alternative sandwich wraps that are wheat-free. I like the Siete wraps made from coconut and cassava flour, or almond or cashew flour.

I also enjoy a good coconut wrap. They are a simple food product with no additives, made only from dried coconut and sometimes herbs. They don’t need to be refrigerated, just wrapped tightly in your pantry, and they keep this way for months. I order my favorites from the company Improveats in Atlanta. They call their product “Pure Wraps.” The company ships fast and easy, and are often more economical, even with shipping cost, than the wraps I can buy locally. Buy several packs at a time.

I love the mild curry flavored wraps. If you love the taste of coconut, you might like the plain coconut wraps better. They also have a new coconut-chia wrap. The texture of this wrap is not like a flour tortilla. It’s stiffer, so you can roll it but not fold it. They have a nice chewy texture, and if you make them ahead, they don’t get soggy.

Two of these is perfect for a quick lunch.

If you are concerned about all the plastic packaging around food these days, note that these wraps come in a completely biodegradable cellulose wrapper that can be composted at home. Remove and discard the label first.

Makes 1 serving

2 curry-coconut wraps

2 tsp. mayo or 1 or 2 Tbs. hummus, or flavored hummus

6 or 8 slices tempeh, sautéed in olive oil or ghee until light brown, or leftover shredded chicken, or sliced turkey, or whatever protein source you desire

1 c. grated fresh carrots or beets

2 large pieces romaine lettuce

Lay out the wraps. Spread each lightly with mayo, or more generously with hummus.

Arrange tempeh or alternate main ingredient down center of wraps, top to bottom.

Add shredded carrots or beets, and top with lettuce. Roll up, plate, and eat!

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