Coconut Water Latte

I know it might sound weird to add coconut water to coffee, but trust me on this one - it's delicious. It adds sweetness without any added sugar, is super hydrating, and feels like a total treat to make at home. It is HOT in Austin, and this is the perfect 3pm drink for the 3pm slumps. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do!

Note - Harmless Harvest (found at most grocery stores) is the only coconut water I drink (it tastes just like a young coconut!), and is the only kind I tested this with. I highly recommend using it for this latte, as it has the best sweetness of any other coconut waters out there!

Yields 1 latte

4 oz cold or room temp coffee, or cold brew

5 oz Harmless Harvest coconut water

Splash of Nutpods French Vanilla dairy-free creamer, or creamer of your choice


Add ice to your favorite glass and pour the coffee, coconut water, and nutpods over it. Mix well. Enjoy!

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